Career Development

Since establishment, Shishi Municipal Shunfa Precision Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd. emphasizes not only market development, but also cultivation of humanistic connotation. We spare no effort to build a learning organization and efficient and professional team through continuously perfecting the culture system, ISO system, SOP system, education and training system, performance appraisal system and other systems. Shunfa Precision Knitting Machinery enterprise takes “Innovation” as the “Growth Gene” of enterprise culture to shape the innovative culture of the company. Harmonious enterprise environment, scientific management and construction of correct values and morality are always important motive forces to drive the growth of employees of the enterprise. Employees are the biggest wealth of Shunfa Precision Knitting Machinery, and also the source of Shunfa’s development and competitiveness. Shunfa enterprise culture embodies the wisdom and thought of every employee. Each Chuanyuan person, unremitting, innovative and progressive, is continuously endeavoring for development of environmental cause.
Shunfa Precision Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd. carries out humanized talent selecting, training, employing and retaining policies:
Select talents with strategic orientation and scientific evaluation;
Train talents with excellent culture and complete training;
Employ talents with humanized management and competency method;
Retain talents with development vision and good treatment.
Educational ideas: Teach, Assist, Improve, Encourage and Request.
Growth genes: Learn, Focus, Innovate and Surpass.
Philosophy of life: Gratitude, Content, Understanding and Tolerance.