Business volume growth of over 70%, latitude and longitude Y

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Textile machinery industry, the overall performance of the domestic textile industry has become saturated, the total textile export saturation, labor costs, rapid growth and many other factors, the textile machinery market presents a new downturn in the normal, the market seriousness than in 2008 The international financial crisis. In the domestic textile machinery enterprises have plunged into the brink of life and death struggle under the harsh environment, since the fourth quarter of 2015, Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. Yuci Branch (referred to as latitude and longitude Yuci) contrarian, the production and operation of basic at full capacity State, the first half of 2016 production and sales growth is more than 70%, Jingyu Yuci operating performance why "a show"?
Recently, the Friends of the textile network with this question for an exclusive interview. "Jingwei products in the market a good performance, the company all the staff spell out, we fight is the quality, fight is the service. We always cherish a grateful heart, thank the market and customer support and recognition of us. We want to more high-quality products and more quality service to repay our customers. "Jingwei Yuci, general manager, party secretary of the You Ping-ping all thanks to the trust of customers and employees of the struggle.
1. "Every contract project should be a model factory"
Guan Youping that customers of the product is the most intuitive feelings of quality, the reason why customers choose Jingwei products is the most important recognition of our brand and quality. Therefore, the company proposed to persist in the best design process, the most complete standard system, the most stringent management assessment, the determination of the greatest courage to enhance the quality of products, each contract projects have to fight a model plant.
Rainbow Group Chief Executive Officer
▲ Chief Executive Officer of Tianhong Group Zhu Yongxiang to Jingyu Yuci inspection, Guan Youping, general manager of the introduction of business
Jingwei Yuci on the quality management has been continued to maintain high-pressure situation, from all aspects to ensure product quality. We have formulated the Measures for Investigating the Responsibility of Quality, Safety and Integrity of the Middle-level Cadres of the Company. We will give the middle-level cadres a serious quality responsibility such as demotion, demotion and removal from the units that cause serious quality problems. Quality supervision, quality screening, quality claims three systems, the typical quality of public exposure of the responsible units and units in charge of leadership to be dealt with severely. At the same time, the company to improve the technological capability and equipment level as the first to improve product stability and consistency of the first element, has to create a domestic first-class sheet metal flexible line, box flexible line, cotton spinning production line, automatic plating production line Group production unit, built the first domestic spinning frame assembly line, to ensure product processing quality to achieve the leading domestic level.
Since 2014, the latitude and longitude Yuci to develop and improve the acceptance of the box number standards, product installation and commissioning process in the stages of acceptance criteria and completion criteria, increase the outsourcing outsourcing, manufacturing links, installation and commissioning of the whole process of quality management , Strict implementation of the installation staff self-test, the quality of the special inspection, the customer acceptance inspection acceptance of the "three-party acceptance system", product quality and installation of debugging quality steadily.
Jingyu Yuci quality supervision and inspection of product quality
▲ Jingwei Yuci quality supervision and inspection of product quality
Jingyu Yuci, said the quality of the Minister Zhang Risheng, the company fully into the project management, development and implementation of the "project to be a model for each project to fight" project management approach, the company leaders each contract 3-4 projects, Led the whole control product quality. In 2015, 18 customers, including 836 sets of spinning frames, 487 sets of short carts, and 9 sets of combing equipment were arranged for 18 customers. 2016 to build a "map that work" WeChat public platform, a daily report on the progress of the project to ensure that each contract project from the scheduling, manufacturing, shipping, installation, commissioning, project completion control of the whole process nodes.
2. "Customer demand is the direction of our efforts"
Jingyu Yuci put forward the "first to create value for customers, and then create profits for the enterprise" concept, closely around the market and customer needs, to provide customers with the optimal solution for the development of new products. Jingyu Yuci marketing minister Tan Zhongmin that the reason why customers are willing to choose Jingwei products, another important reason is that we developed products to meet customer needs for customers to create value.
Chairman of Jiangsu Chun Lun Shen Peirong
▲ Chairman of Jiangsu Chun Lun Shen Pei-Rong to Jingwei Yuci visit, Guan Youping, general manager accompanied the visit
The company has developed JWF1562 serial spinning machine long car, spinning machine short car colony, JWF1278 type combing machine and other new products, and signed Tianhong project, Ruyi project, etc., in order to meet the main demand of "high efficiency, energy saving and labor saving". Major contract items.
JWF1562E electronic digital spinning frame has been developed to meet the needs of continuous, automatic and intelligent customers. It has signed major projects such as Dasheng project and Weiqiao project.
To meet the needs of customers to open high-speed, for the Rainbow project developed a JWF1569T-type high-speed spinning frame, production speed of 23,000 r / min.
Adapt to the needs of differentiated customers, the development of the international original color of the JWF1551-type color smart spinning frame and other new products.
JWF1572-based company's new generation of platform-type spinning frame, JWF1568-type ultra-long frame and other new products, also from the market and customer needs, technical level reached the international advanced level.
JWF1562EJM all-electronic digital spinning frame in Jiangsu Dasheng efficient operation.
▲ JWF1562EJM all-electronic digital spinning frame in Jiangsu Dasheng efficient operation
At present, the amount of cotton spindles around the country reached about 130 million, the upgrading of textile machinery equipment has the advantages of low cost, low investment, short cycle, quick and to ensure the advantages of spinning quality, will become a number of medium-sized enterprises best choice. Adapt to this huge potential customer demand, the company will expand product transformation business as a positive response to the new normal textile machinery market, a major strategic initiatives in 2015 to set up a product transformation division, opened up the old refurbished and compact spinning, Electronic lift, collective doffing a number of products such as transformation of business, when the sales income of 64.7621 million yuan, the product transformation business to achieve a breakthrough growth. In the first half of 2016, a total of 54 projects with a total amount of 20,349,800 yuan were completed. Huamao Phase II was relocated, Lijin Sanyang Daping Car, Yingkou Hongfa Group Co., Ltd. rolled up the whole package and transformed its business scope into refurbished Daping Car , On the cycle of transformation, pipeline transformation, broken yarn detection and other transformation areas. The company also achieved the Rieter spinning frame, Toyota spinning frame and other imported equipment upgrades, customers get a high degree of recognition.
To lead and meet the needs of the textile market, the company set up a new type of spinning products division, to accelerate the commercialization of new spinning technology process. The newly established business division has succeeded in bringing the technology to the market. It is expected that in the near future, the new spinning technology, such as dust cage spinning, single spindle monitoring and roving breakage, will continue to be put into the market. Greater value.
3. "to provide customers with caring and peace of mind, value-added extension services"
Jingwei Yuci has established the working guideline of "providing the best customer solution". It provides customers with efficient, fast, intimate and extended value-added service, and makes great efforts to build the core service advantage. This is also a key factor for customers to choose Jingwei products.
The company has set up 8 "customer service centers", 8 chief service divisions and 18 long service personnel in Wuxi, Xinjiang and other areas to achieve the national all regions of the whole area of ​​the whole country, said Song Aiping, Party branch secretary and vice minister of marketing department of Jingwei Yuci. cover. 2015 service center of the region under the jurisdiction of the 224 manufacturers were 723 times on-site service initiative, won the high degree of customer recognition. And build a remote service diagnosis system and customer feedback system and achieve efficient operation, customer feedback process to achieve dynamic query, efficient and rapid closed-loop management, to create customer service needs rapid response capability.
Jingwei Yuci customer installation site implementation of "6S" meticulous management
▲ Jingwei Yuci customer installation site implementation of "6S" fine management
The first-class product quality and service quality of Jingyu Yuci has won wide recognition from customers. In the current extremely sluggish market situation, we have successfully signed a series of major contract projects, such as Tianhong Group, Ruyi Group, Xinye Stock, Huafu Group. Won the spinning frame about 80% of the domestic market orders. 2016 successfully signed the Shandong Weiqiao, Jiangyin Longxi, Dengzhou Yongtai, Xinjiang Xintai and other spinning machine key customer projects, the first half of the contract total of 1.69 million, covering almost all domestic high-end customer orders. Combing machine in 2015 successfully signed the Rainbow, wishful, South spinning, Huafu and other major contract items, to return to the domestic first brand. 2016 combing machine in short supply a good situation, the production capacity from 5 sets per month to quickly upgrade to 8 sets, still can not meet the market and customer needs, the annual market share is expected to reach 40%. In the first half of 2016, the feedback on customer quality problems decreased by 49.02% year-on-year. The loss of quality of "Three Guarantees" in sales of RMB 10,000 decreased by 51.59% year-on-year. The company won the "National Customer Satisfaction Project Benchmark Enterprise", "National Textile Industry Quality Award" in 2015, spinning frame and combing machine was awarded "National Customer Satisfied Product" in 2015, all honors are all textile machinery enterprises The only award-winning enterprises and products.
Jingwei Yuci every year in-depth customer site to carry out "quality miles" activities
▲ Jingwei Yuci every year in-depth customer site to carry out "quality miles" activities
In the interview, Guan Youping repeatedly stressed that we have been grateful to all customers, we have a certain gap between the needs of customers. We should cherish the trust and support from our customers, insist on market orientation, make customer satisfaction as our goal, insist and strengthen the customer's thinking, always think about the customer's interests and standpoint, always keep the customer's opinion Is our driving force and direction, to create a comprehensive product quality and service level of the new competitive advantage, the company established "to provide the best customer solutions," the work of the policy implemented to create value for customers, and customers grow together.