Reason and Solution of Cotton Net Breaking Edge of Comber

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Combed cotton net broken side is a more common problem. The reasons for its formation and combing mechanical state, process parameters, air flow configuration, raw materials, temperature and humidity and other factors. Over the years, after a large number of tracking analysis test, to find some solutions to the problem, summarized as follows:
Reasonable set small volume, to the length of cotton
Practice has proved that a small volume quantitative light, to the cotton length is too large, easy to cause cotton broken edge. CJ14.5tex yarn is recommended to use more than 65g / m small volume quantitative; CJ11.7tex, CJ9.7tex yarn can be about 63g / m quantitative. Should be used as far as possible 4.7mm conventional cotton length.
Reasonable set speed
Comber speed increased, the output of cotton by the reciprocating traction, low jitter when the violent, while improving the speed of the comber air resistance increases, so that both sides of the clamp jaw outside the fiber into "eight" -shaped outward tilt, resulting in The length of the joint on both sides of the cotton net is shortened. When the long-staple cotton is spun, it is easy to droop due to its slender head end, and the position of the separation roller is lower when starting separation. Therefore, the choice of long-staple cotton, medium-and long-staple cotton fine yarn, quantitative light, the speed should be appropriately reduced, the proposed clamp 250 times / min or so.
Adjust the airflow
When the phenomenon of broken cotton side, first consider the impact of air flow in the long wind to adjust the size of the body after the opening of the triangular airflow board, usually in the normal state to ensure sucking cotton, adjusting the small air duct openings. Special attention to the impact of airflow on both sides.
Improve small roll edge forming
Small curling is caused by bad side of the broken edge of one of the reasons, should be noted that the preparation of combing equipment to adjust the uniformity of lap, especially the edge of the small roll of cotton should be uniform and neat, conducive to nip grip carding process to maintain Cotton layer thickness uniform.
Adjustment of Adjustable Collector
When using the adjustable collector, according to the cotton network input to the cotton roller adjust the size of the opening, and pay attention to the position of the collector can not be higher than the separation roller surface and to ensure that cotton into the set to avoid touching the set Cotton block edge. As far as possible to adjust its position to avoid fiber and mechanical contact.
Note the separation roller status
When the cotton side of the broken side, should check the separation of rubber roller pressure is consistent, check the pressure arm of the gas film is damaged, if necessary, should be replaced. When the separation roller surface state is bad, frequent sticky wrapped phenomenon, it is timely to wipe or complex grinding, coating treatment.
Enter a title
When the broken edge of the situation is more common, one should take into account the raw materials or before spinning semi-finished short fiber to increase the impact of cotton cohesion, if necessary, raw materials or before spinning process to be adjusted. If the raw cotton sugar is high, should also pay attention to the forceps jaw, separation roller surface, set cotton on both sides and cotton side to strengthen wipe. Second, the temperature and humidity should be considered the impact of the workshop, according to different seasons reasonable control of temperature and humidity, according to experience, a more reasonable relative humidity of 55%, a reasonable temperature of 24 ℃ ~ 25 ℃.
Select the guide plate form
To reduce the broken edge, should be used to close the mouth of a small guide cotton board, as far as possible to close the mouth angle amplification slowed down.